Getting to Know… Tom Annetts

Name? Tom Annetts

Age? 32

Position? Goalie

What got you into hockey? When I was 8 I went to a Ice Skating party at Bracknell, started playing as a player, then our under 10s team had no goalie so we all took turns and it just kind of stuck!!

What age did you start playing? 8, I started in 1995 that’s why I wear number 95.

NHL team? I don’t really support one team, I have seen Tampa Bay play a few times and been to their rink so I guess Tampa!

Hockey hero? I would say Dominik Hasek, when I was young we went to Buffalo and watched the Sabres and got to meet the team.

Favourite UK rink? Belfast

Hidden talent/hockey party trick? Juggling!

Superstitions? Way too many to go into, my wife always jokes about how I am! If I do something and I play well, it gets added to the routine!

Favourite actor? Tom Hanks

Favourite band? Don’t really have a favourite, I like a lot of stuff. My Spotify is full of randoms!

Most memorable hockey moment to date? Watching my oldest son play and his face when he scored his first goal!

Your most embarrassing moment? Too many! I have a habit of coming out to play the puck and getting scored on!

Favourite dressing room prank? Unfortunately what happens in the room, stays in the room

What do you do away from the rink? I always seem to be at a rink! Playing and coaching seems to take up all of my time!

Three things you would take with you on a desert island? Family, Ipad (to keep the kids entertained) and some beers!!

Best thing about hockey? Teammates, I have made some lifelong friends from playing. Now I am coaching more its really nice seeing kids develop. There are kids I’ve coached who I have played with and against then I remember how old I am!

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