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Hornets Slump Continues

The poor results continue to pile up for the McTimoney Chiropractic Bracknell Hornets. A back-to-back home weekend ended with zero points after defeats to the Solent Devils and Cardiff Fire.

Saturday night saw the Solent Devils come to town, fresh off the news that Hornets leading scorer Steve Osman had left the club to sign for the Devils. He didn’t feature that evening and the Devils were also without Ralf Circenis.

The Hornets started the game really well. Throughout the entire first period, they seemed as if they were in the game. They weren’t necessarily in control, but you have to remember that the Devils are a top two team in this league and have been fantastic all season long.

It was actually the Hornets who opened the scoring in the game. Matt Foord was set up my Michael Stratford and Dom Hopkins to make it 1-0 to the home side. Foord’s goal was the only scoring in the first, the Hornets going into the first intermission ahead.

However, that wasn’t the only action of the first period. We did have fighting penalties dished out to respective sides for one of the stranger fights that I’ve ever seen. Kyle Goddard seemed to be being held by the official, while Daniel Shier of the Devils was allowed to do whatever her wanted to him, without interference from either of the linesmen, or the referee.

Throughout the season, the Hornets have struggled in second periods. This game was no different. The Devils were about the release a barrage of attacking force on Tom Annetts in the Hornets goal. The Devils scoring was opened by Mitchell Murray, just over five minutes into the period. One became two when Richard Facey scored less than a minute later and two became three quickly after, Elliot Lewis getting his name on the scoresheet.

Three goals in the space of four minutes had the Hornets stunned but they rallied back and managed to bring themselves to within one. Callum Best scored his first goal of the season and his first as a Hornet, to bring a buzz to The Hive once again.

Sadly, all Best’s goal seemed to do was bring the Devils back to life. Three more goals in the space of four minutes saw the Devils build a lead that looked far too great for the Hornets to rally back from. Ben Lock and two from Mark Pitts had the Devils going into the second intermission 2-6 ahead.

The third and final period only saw the Devils extend their lead by another two goals. Andrew Campbell scored both which saw Hornets coach Mark Saunders pull Annetts in favour of youngster Rory Edwards.

To finish off the game, we had two fights on the ice at the same time. First up was Carl Graham and Calumn Perella-Fox who decided to drop them behind Edwards’ net. While all that was going on, Connor Hutchinson and Daniel Shier orchestrated their own bout at centre ice. All were served with fighting penalties. The final score of 2-8 was probably deserved. The Devils were the much better team.

McTimoney Chiropractic Bracknell Hornets Goals:

  • 08:49 Matt Foord, assisted by Michael Stratford & Dom Hopkins
  • 32:58 Callum Best, assisted by Matt Foord & Dom Hopkins

Solent Devils Goals:

  • 26:11 Mitchell Murray, assisted by Alex Murray
  • 27:09 Richard Facey, assisted by Alex Murray
  • 30:25 Elliot Lewis, assisted by Daniel Shier & Alex Cole
  • 36:28 Ben Lock, assisted by Mark Pitts & Mitchell Murray
  • 36:44 Mark Pitts, assisted by Scott Cooper
  • 40:27 Mark Pitts, assisted by Scott Cooper & Richard Facey
  • 44:06 Andrew Campbell, assisted by Richard Facey
  • 49:21 Andrew Campbell, assisted by Mitchell Murray

Shots faced:

  • Tom Annetts (BRA) 48 shots – 80.49%
  • Rory Edwards (BRA) 7 shots – 100.00%
  • Christian Cole (SOL) 29 shots – 93.10%

For all the photos from our game against the Solent Devils can be found online at https://www.flickr.com/photos/148487722@N03/albums/72157712840956673 all taken by our Official Club Photographer, Hannah Kirsti Photography.

A game on Sunday evening marked the first time this season that the Hornets played back-to-back home games. They faced off against the Cardiff Fire, who’s season has largely been one to forget. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person that thought this would be a pretty simple game for the Hornets to win. We didn’t know the half of it.

This Cardiff Fire team were fantastic. There really is no other word for it. They were fast, tenacious and looked far more skilful than their league position would make you believe and it was the Fire that opened the scoring through Jason Warren. Within a matter of seconds, it was 0-2 when Samuel Jones doubled the Fire lead.

The Hornets did manage to get one before the end of the first, Michael Stratford scoring with 40 seconds left on the clock. Even at that point, after seeing how much fight the Fire had, it still seemed like Stratford’s goal was the first step on the road to recovery.

In the second period the Hornets really seemed to ramp it up. They applied an awful lot of pressure on Lewis Davies in the Fire goal and eventually, he budged. Chris Cooke scored the tying goal for the Hornets on the power play and finally, they were back in the game.

The penalties continued to role in the game, with many being given against the Hornets for rather dubious decisions. However, when the Hornets found themselves on the power play once more, they gave themselves a great opportunity to establish their dominance.

What I’m sure they didn’t plan on doing, was conceding two short handed goals during the same two minute power play. Kristians Kasjanovs got the first for the Fire and Josh Haslam got the second. The Hornets had it all to do again, as they went into the second intermission two goals behind.

The special teams were appalling for the Hornets during the game. Ill discipline was evident and when Carl Graham and Connor Hutchinson found themselves in the box together, the Fire power play unit tore apart the three man and subsequent four man penalty kill units, scoring two power play goals.

Reed Sayers got the first of the power play goals, followed by Lewis Stevens. Stevens would score again for the Fire to give them an astounding 2-7 win in Bracknell. Another defeat means the Hornets’ winless streak sits at four games.

McTimoney Chiropractic Bracknell Hornets Goals:

  • 19:21 Michael Stratford, assisted by Matt Foord & Dom Hopkins
  • 28:08 Chris Cooke, assisted by David Millner

Cardiff Fire Goals:

  • 15:13 Jason Warren, assisted by Lewis Davies
  • 15:55 Sam Jones, assisted by Russian Cernych
  • 35:57 Kristian Kasjanovs, assisted by Reed Sayers
  • 37:06 Josh Haslam, unassisted
  • 44:44 Reed Sayers, assisted by Kristian Kasjanovs
  • 45:21 Lewis Stevens, assisted by Josh Haslam & Iwan Davies
  • 54:15 Lewis Stevens, assisted by Carted Lloyd & Iwan Davies

Shots faced:

  • Rory Edwards (BRA) 41 shots – 82.93%
  • Lewis Davies (CAR) 48 shots – 95.83%

For all the photos from our game against the Cardiff Fire can be found online at https://www.flickr.com/photos/148487722@N03/albums/72157712858916078 all taken by our Official Club Photographer, Hannah Kirsti Photography.

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