Dear all

I’m sure many of you have already seen the announcement made by the John Nike Group.

BIHC were notified late this afternoon that the JNL Bracknell Complex operated by John Nike Leisuresport Ltd are unfortunately commencing meaningful and constructive statuary consultations on potential staff redundancies.

The statutory consultancy will be for 30 days and BIHC will then be given further information on the plans for the future of the complex. As soon as we have more information we will of course share it with you.

As you can imagine this has come as quite a shock to us all and we hope that whatever happens the ice rink will re open and we can continue to play hockey. As a real concern to us all it will obviously be the subject of much discussion over the coming weeks. Therefore can I please remind everyone of the effects this could potentially have on the JNL staff and their families and please remain sensitive to this with any comments you may make.

Please take care of yourselves and we will communicate any further information as soon as we have it.

Paul Ratcliffe
BIHC Chairman

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